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    Farewell 8kM


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    Farewell 8kM

    Post  Sabrael on Tue Feb 17, 2009 8:01 pm

    It has been two days since I led that "mutiny" against the Master and the Council and my eventual decision to leave the clan. I have lodged my protests on that decision for no TW in the council chambers of this boards, but is restricted to ordinary members and those who have no access to it.

    So to make things clear to all, I'm placing this here for everyone to read. I have no more interest of returning to the clan, and so that rumors as to why I left may be brought to light, I think WeiXiaoBao's tavern is the proper place to do it rather than on any other official parts of this castle.

    First, let me thank those who have shown kindness to me and their unwavering obedience and support during TW's as I acted as the commanding officer as well as the officer and Marshall in the daily functioning of the clan, though short. My appreciation and commendation goes most especially to those who followed me to battle last Sunday. They have shown courage and selflessness against the odds. Truly, they are worthy heroes of the Land of Pangu.

    Second, let me answer some points:

    • I did not and will never ever ask anyone from the clan, officer or member, to leave 8kM. Contrary to what is being thought and said that I persuaded them to leave after I left. Their leaving is brought about by their own decision and conscience. You can ask them why they left as I digress to comment or give presumptions as to their own reasons.

    • It did not enter my mind nor have I ever said that the transition of clan mastership from Kratos to chocove was a hasty decision and that I resented it. In fact, if there was one person I believe worthy to handle the clan mastership, it is chocove. True, there were backstage discussions on the matter between the three handlers of Kratos and whoever else, and I would admit I was one of those that was informed and consulted of the decision. But for purposes of confidentiality and security, that discussion shall remain between me and the person who consulted me.

    • My countermanding the orders of the Master and the Council was of my own doing and a product of my own conscience. No one influenced me. Neither did I ask anyone to follow my lead against their will by entering the battlefield. Those who fought and witnessed how we had ourselves "massacred" by Valiants in front of the central building will attest to that fact. As to why I did it, I believe your leaders need a wake up call to the realities of life, both ingame and outside of it. That there are still ideals and philosophies in life, no matter how funny or difficult it is that we need to adhere to. Even to the point of self-sacrifice.

    I have decided to leave the clan after I led the battle last Sunday night, not because I felt shame or regret for what I did, to the contrary I have experienced honor and camaraderie with those who stood by me and with me on that fateful night. But because I believe and knew all the while that things will never be the same again, and that interests have already been conflicted and compromised. And as I have said in the Council Chambers, know that I leave with HONOR and COURAGE as I am no blind follower of orders.

    Now that matters are, as I believe, clear on certain points, I'll take this occasion to say my farewell to everyone. GOODBYE 8kM! May Divine Providence shine upon all of you. Remember to keep your intentions clear and true as you struggle to keep your lands. Know that in one corner of the map, a person is still praying and willing to help you in one way or another and that I am just a pm away. Smile Give my regards to those who cannot read this and I hope that for the purposes of democracy and public record, this thread will not be deleted or hidden by those who fear the light of truth.


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